Bright Work

We understand how much pride our customers take in their boats and specialize in paying attention to the small details. We have the knowledge, products and tools to ensure the right products are used to ensure maximum results.

Services offered by our skilled team

  • Polish & Wax (Paint & Gelcoat)
  • Wet-sanding
  • Scratch repair
  • Color matching service
  • Ceramic Coating service (3-5 Years no buffing!)
  • Teak/Mahogany restoring & refinishing
  • Teak & Holly Cabin soles
  • Stainless Polising
  • Re-bedding
  • Boat detailing
Crate Marine Belleville Marina Technician
Crate Marine Belleville Marina Service

Marina Documents & Pricing

Looking for Pricing and Documents? Look no further.

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