2017 In Review

Although it did not come without its challenges this was another year to remember…

It  is our third full operating season and  our busiest to date, we rented more slips, accommodated more transients, serviced  & sold more boats and on track to storing more boats than ever before.  It was truly amazing to see a huge team effort and we thank everyone for a great summer.

The early season flood waters and rain this spring did not stop us from operating. We refused to let the unfortunate circumstances get in the way. Our staff did an amazing job keeping us above water and our customers did not let it stop them from boating and enjoying life to its fullest. We were relentlessly loosening chains, adjusting docks, installing temporary ramps, covering power transformers and even picking up sea-weed from the parking lots to make sure we maintained the same level of safety,  security and cleanliness your used to.

2017 Improvements & Upgrades

This season we hosted 2 of the best parties to date, we had a great turn out for our May long weekend Caribbean Party and the best turn out to date for our Canada Day celebrations, we look forward to many more!

Hopefully everyone noticed the significant change in the sea-weed this season, as most of you know we installed a sea-weed aeration system. The aeration  combined with  frequent natural enzymes treatments has made  a massive impact on the harbor for the better.  This system only gets better with time as it eats away at the soft bottom composition . We are very proud to be able to make the claim that we are the only marina in the area with the sea-weed problem under control.

We also hope everyone has enjoyed the all new web cams, they have been a hit with everyone that has used them so far! They are perfect if you are home debating coming to the boat and unsure of the weather, or just want to check up on your baby.  If you haven’t looked yet visit our website for full instructions.

Oh how fast technology changes.. We understand how important it is for everyone to be connected when on the boat , whether it be to check your email or watch Netflix on a rainy day.  I’m sure most noticed the mid season change in Wifi service,  we more than doubled our service to the fastest speeds in the area. That coupled with all new Wifi radios putting our system on the cutting edge for wireless technology. We hope everyone has enjoyed the update!

With all  of this momentum moving into 2018  we anticipate being very close to full next season and enjoying yet another banner year! As always we are constantly making changes for the better and have lots of new plans in store for 2018.

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Crate Marine Belleville family, we look forward to seeing everyone again next season. Thank you once again from all the staff at Crate’s.

2017/18 Winter Storage

With that being said we unfortunately have to remind everyone that haul out is approaching and we need to start thinking about our winter storage plans.

We have already booked more boats then ever before so it will be a very busy yard this fall, if you have not started planning already now is the time!  Follow the links below to download the appropriate forms.

2017 Winterize & Storage Form

Although we hope to see lots of good boating weather in the coming weeks, we highly recommend visiting our downloads page to download our 2017 Haul out form or click here for the direct link. If you have Microsoft Excel you are able to fill this form on the computer and email back.

We will require this form in order to create a work order and place you on the haul out schedule.

If you don’t have Excel please click here for the printable PDF version.