Dear Crate Marine Belleville Customers,
We hope everyone has been keeping healthy over the past couple of weeks and hope you are as excited to get back on the water as we are.

As most of you are aware the Ontario Government has released a new list of essential businesses. Marina’s are on the list but in a more limited manner, we will still be able to maintain the property and keep an eye on everyone’s boat in anticipation that this will be lifted in the next 2 weeks, April 18th at which time we will reassess and hopefully proceed with lour regular launch schedule.

The Marina will continue to be closed to the public but our staff continue to carry out routine block and stand checks, dock maintenance and staff will be responding to phone calls and emails daily. We will also continue to process Launch forms and service requests. We anticipate that once the lock down is lifted, we will be overwhelmed with launch requests. Please get your form in so that we can process your work order and get you in the launch schedule.

The faster we all do our part the faster we will all be able to get back on the water… Lets no forget how early it is, we do not typically start launching boats until May, this has been an unusually early spring thaw so we have lots of time to get through this and back on the water.

We have lots of ways to stay in touch and we can still sell parts with curbside delivery, see below for the best ways to get in touch with us anytime.

The launch forms can be downloaded here.

Front Desk
Phone 888-857-7114

Ryan Crate – General Manager
Landline Ext – 102
Text – (613) 902-1862

Jim Bell – Operations Manager
Landline Ext – 104
Text -(613) 902-1862

Lynda Stewart – Accounting Department
Landline Ext – 103
Text -(613) 902-1862

Dee Thompson – Parts/Service
Landline Ext – 101
Text -(613) 902-1862

Stay safe,

Ryan Crate
Partner/General Manager
Crate Marine Belleville