Live View From Crate’s

For a live view of our harbor follow the link below then follow the instructions to login for a live view from 2 different cameras. NOTE РTo view on a mobile browser the app is required and you must carefully follow the below instructions. Chrome is the preferred Desktop Browser.


  • Click this link to go to our Guest login page
  • Your browser will warn you the page is potentially unsafe, continue anyway, this is a must to login (Chrome is the preferred browser)
  • You will then be forwarded to a login screen
  • User Name (case sensitive) – Guest
  • Password – marinaguest
  • Once logged in select live view on the far right side of the camera you wish to see and that’s it!


  • Download and install the Unifi Video App
  • Open the app and select “connect directly to your NVR”
  • Input the IP address
  • User name (case sensitive) – Guest
  • Password – marinaguest
  • Then click “Sign in”